Ask me, Draco Malfoy.


look at longbottom and loony. 

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I’m lazy I have about 20 asks.

I’ll answer them on Monday.

I’m gone this weekend.

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My wife is pregnant again. Ahhh shit.
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Anonymous said: Your wife is preggo, Draco. Looks like Scorp isn't an only child anymore. :) Congrats!

(was too lazy to make a graphic for this)

You be shittin’ be anon. this can’t be true.

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Anonymous said: wut program do u use to do this

((ooc: I use photofiltre. I had photoshop, but I lost it.))

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I’m feeling a bit lazy today. Answers will come later.
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askaslytherinmom-deactivated201 said: Draco, dear, your wife forced me to make one of these silly tumblr things, but really, I have no idea why. She said it would keep me "Entertained". Tori is a bit silly, isn't she.-Narcissa Malfoy

She can be sometimes, mum.

But, be careful, these muggles can be very forceful at times.


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